AED Emergency Cabinet System - Smart AED Cabinets

With defibrillators becoming more common in communities, and with greater public awareness of their value in treating a sudden cardiac arrest, the number of deaths each year from sudden cardiac arrest can be dramatically reduced if the AEDs are located where high volumes of people work, meet and socialise.

The all-weather Public Access AED Emergency System provides a true public access AED and emergency support system to anyone, anywhere.

The fully monitored AED Emergency System can build community awareness and confidence, communicate with local responders, enable rapid AED access and provide surety that the AEDs are appropriately maintained and ready for use.

The easily identified and accessible AED Emergency System can be fully customised for your community or organisation to any indoor or outdoor environment and emergency response protocol.

Our Models

100 Series

Indoor open access

200 Series

Indoor / outdoor keypad access

320 Series

Indoor / outdoor open access

330 Series

Indoor / outdoor keypad or remote access

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A monitored aed emergency system

Ensures you know:

  • the AED is fully operational and ready for use
  • the status of the AED battery
  • the AED is secure, accessible and available for use
  • the manufacturer's recommended storage temperature is maintained
  • onsite or community responders are notified when the AED has been deployed
  • there is access to an emergency help point and to back-to-base emergency support

A Cabinet for the Future

We have invested in the development and advancement of a fully-monitored public access AED cabinet and emergency response system for Australia and New Zealand, that can now be installed in almost any location and environment.  The AED Emergency System is compatible with all leading brand AEDs.
Our systems have already helped save many lives after being installed, in both indoor and outdoor locations, to ensure the AED is accessible and, most importantly, ready for use where large numbers of people gather.

Automatic Notification Software

AED Emergency has state of the art software that allows a custom build client maintenance and emergency response protocol.

Remote programming and mass emergency notifications are just some of the special features that allow your organisation or community to respond to an emergency in the shortest possible time.